Analytics & Insight

“Not many teams that can say they’ve successfully brought together former NASA scientists with London GPs to improve access to local services!”

PPL and our partners are amongst the largest suppliers of specialist analytical support to the health sector in the UK including working with national programmes such as Getting It Right First Time and directly with local systems and organisations.

We are committed to supporting evidence-based changes to the way we work and deliver services.
To achieve this, our projects are underpinned by an in-house team of specialist analysts and consultants with extensive expertise of working with complex datasets to produce practical and meaningful insights.

Our teams are currently analysing and modelling:

  • Secondary data (such as health episode statistics, SUS data, short and long-term support data)
  • Primary data (including validated scales such as PREMs, PROMs, PAMs)
  • Bespoke measures and indicators (ranging from medical utilisation solutions such as MCAP to detailed personalisation frameworks)

supporting improved outcomes for millions of people nationwide.

We recognise that our public services generate no shortage of data but real challenges lie in understanding what the data means. We are currently working to transform outcomes by moving beyond impressive charts and numbers to produce insights that are co-developed with local individuals and organisations and lead to practical changes in the way which services are delivered, building on:

  • Current policy
  • National, regional and local priorities
  • Clinical and professional leadership
  • Organisational culture and processes
  • Patient and service user experiences

Our analytics projects are focused on supporting decision-makers including policy makers, regulators, health and care commissioners, provider organisations and individual frontline professionals to make decisions that bring together key perspectives around care & quality, health & wellbeing, and finance & sustainability to deliver better outcomes.

Recent examples of our work include:

  • Primary and Community Services undertaking local evaluatios of whole-system integrated care, we have supported the introduction of innovative approaches to managing non-elective demand amongst individuals aged 65+ living with one or more long-term condition - including demonstrating how virtual ward programmes, involving community-based, joint health and social care teams were able to deliver more clinically and cost-effective care than traditional models.

  • Acute Services providing data analytics to support the delivery of national analytics programmes supporting our acute hospitals to identify best-practice and respond to changing demand, our work has supported significant reductions in unwarranted clinical variation in rheumatology and outpatient services nationwide, resulting in improved patient outcomes and reduced pressures on local hospital services.

  • Health and Care Commissioning leading a number of evaluations and strategic reviews to support commissioners to understand the costs and benefits of new models of care, encompassing physical and mental health, health and social care, in and out-of-hospital services and (in the context of recent work on the Isle of Man) on and off-island service delivery.

Our systems and approaches are accredited to ISO 27001 Information Management Standards as well as to the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

For more information about our work in Analytics and Insight or to access specialist support, please contact our Analytics and Insight lead Toby Irving