Developing Integrated Care Systems

Our work with STPs across the country has included engagement with front-line teams, individual CCGs, local authorities, health and care providers and patient / service user groups - engaging and understanding their requirements and establishing the required infrastructure, not just to develop new systems, but transform outcomes.

Whilst there is strong support for the principles of integrated care and a growing body of evidence that better co-ordination of services around people and communities works, there are understandable concerns that such a large-scale re-organisation of our health and care services brings significant new issues and risks, alongside the potential benefits.

Surrey Heartlands is a wave 1 ICS and a devolution area. Those leading the system recognised early on the challenges in bringing together multiple CCGs and trusts, co-ordinating between the 3 new Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) and the ICS, and managing relationships with local government services under significant financial and demand pressures.

Our support to Surrey Heartlands has been about providing targeted organisational development, analytics, strategic and programme management capacity on the occasions where they have needed external support to their journey, together with skills-transfer and capability-building to enable successful development of both the ICPs and ICS by those who will be responsible for delivering services and outcomes into the future.

For more information on making Integrated Care Systems work, please contact PPL Managing Partner Claire Kennedy.