Surrey Downs Health and Care

Since 2015, PPL have been working with providers and commissioners across Surrey Downs supporting the partnership to deliver an enhanced, integrated care service including community services which benefit the frail and elderly population and promote prevention and self-management.

These services have shown a positive impact on system and patient outcomes, including:

  • A reduction in non-elective admissions.

  • A reduction in delayed transfers of care.

  • Positive feedback from patients who have been cared for by the new services.

with the service so successful that the model has been rolled out in the neighbouring borough of Sutton; and is the foundation of a broader integrated provider partnership now delivering all community health services for Surrey Downs.

In recent years, PPL have supported multiple improvement initiatives for the Surrey Down Health and Care partnership. These projects included:

Development of Surrey Downs Health and Care

We have supported the core development of care services for the partnership since the beginning, expanding both the clinical services that the partnership provides, and the geographical range of those services across Surrey Downs. Our work has included:

  • Strategic programme management and programme development: promoting an outcome-focussed approach to implementing new ways of working across Surrey Downs.

  • Business case development and service transformation: facilitating the co-design of a new, evidence-based and patient centred model of care.

  • Implementation planning, contract mobilisation, continuous improvement and evaluation: making sure that the change happened and delivered real outcomes.

Leadership and wider organisational development

PPL have supported Surrey Downs Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) as an Organisational Development partner, working alongside the Leadership Centre. This work has involved staff working from board level to the frontline. The initial stages of the work supported the newly formed ICP board, focussing on how to enable trust and decision making at the leadership level in a complex environment, and included:

  • Building the identity and consolidating the impact of the newly formed partnership.

  • Developing the newly formed Primary Care Networks, supporting them to define a clear vision and enabling them to deliver real change to front line services.

Supporting integrated care and embedding ‘one team’

The Surrey Downs Health and Care partnership (SDHC) was coming to their one-year anniversary since the mobilisation of the community contracts.

For staff from all partners to truly identify as part of the partnership, PPL helped capture the progress made so far as well as areas for improvement, in preparation for the second year of the partnership: including the “People Plan”, finance, IT and systems and corporate services.

This approach was supported by structured workshops focusing on vision and values, to help embed a “one-team” approach. The workshops brought together almost 250 members of staff and leaders attending across multiple sites, to identify the changes needed for everyone to feel part of one organisation.

Reviewing system working in practice

In an ongoing process of reviewing the corporate services in Surrey Downs Health and Care, PPL have reviewed the model of corporate services provision to the partnership. New processes were created to enable the different organisations coming together with an options’ appraisal to understand what “good” would look like moving forward, and to help forge new ways of working together.

COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 outbreak started we quickly adapted our work with Surrey Downs away from business planning and towards the pandemic – taking a proactive and responsive approach to our clients’ needs in difficult times. A large part of our support was to help create the NHS Seacole Centre at Headley Court, a community bedded rehabilitation and step down facility created from a decommissioned military rehab centre.

With all these projects, our approach has been to ensure that the complexities of systems working do not stand in the way of progressing better outcomes for the communities of Surrey.

By working with clinicians, operational staff and patients to provide the space to define shared problems and agree practical solutions we supported the partnership to identify small, high-impact changes that could be implemented quickly and formed the foundation of the overall vision; unblocking broader barriers to change.