Advanced Public Sector Consulting Academy

NEL CSU Healthcare Consulting are a team of dedicated NHS professionals working to transform health services through high-quality, cost-effective consultancy support.

Whilst the team had an existing Consulting Academy covering core consultancy skills, they had identified a need to enhance this to meet the future demands from their clients. We worked with them to deliver a modular training programme – the Advanced Consulting Academy – covering the skills and tools needed to operate successfully in a complex public sector environment.

The success of the programme was underpinned by a thorough and rigorous co-design process looking at both the desired organisational impact and the needs of participants. This enabled development of an engaging and impactful course, combining technical modules, such as project & programme management and strategy, with modules focussed on communication and emotional intelligence.

Initial evaluation showed that with 100% of participants would recommend the resulting academy; through a “train the trainer” course, we were able to hand the skills and content over to the team and it now forms a key part of their core training curriculum.

To learn more about our work in this area please contact Natasha Larkin, our Lead for Organisational Development.