Evidence, Change & Impact

We believe that evaluation is one of the most powerful tools for building shared understanding and creating positive change.

Formulative evaluation is a key building block across all our programmes, shaping understanding about what works, and what doesn’t, in the way we do things.

And we are currently working with a range of public sector, academic and VCSE partners to extend the evidence base for new and innovative ways of tackling complex social problems across the UK.

Our Evaluations Team works from a variety of perspectives from the national to the local, including with our partners at Cordis Bright as the largest single evaluator of NHS England’s New Models of Care programme and the lead partner supporting Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to evaluate the impact of their local care approach.

Our reseach covers a broad range of key challenges and opportunities for our society including the learning from programmes as diverse as reconfiguring local hospitals to pro-active and preventative appoaches to tackling domestic violence. We are privileged to have worked with some of the leading think-tanks, innovation foundations and academics in the country, including Nesta, the Innovation Unit, the Health Foundation, the King’s Fund, the Nuffield Trust, and King’s College London.

Key areas of current focus include:

  • Leadership development with partners including Royal Military Academy Sandhurst looking at the application of leadership skills from the military to civilian entrepreneurship.
  • Building capacity and resilience including the role of volunteering in our public services improving quality, experience and outcomes of care.
  • Supporting the development of primary care as a core part of the delivery of better co-ordinated, person-centred care.

For more information on our current research programme, please contact Dr Katie Lansdell.