PPL wins the top prize for Innovation at the Management Consultancies Awards

PPL wins the top prize for Innovation at the Management Consultancies Awards
posted 30 April 2013 in category MCA Awards PPL News People Powered Health

An independent management consultancy took home the ‘Award for Innovation’ last night at the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Awards.

PPL (Private Public), one of the newest members of the MCA, won for their work with Nesta (the UK’s innovation foundation) to improve the management of long-term health conditions for over 200,000 patients.

Managing Directors Simon Morioka and Claire Kennedy are delighted with the news saying:

“It’s an honour to have the innovative work we’ve been doing with Nesta and the Innovation Unit recognised by our peers at the MCA.

“This is a really exciting time for us at PPL, and it’s brilliant to see the hard work and commitment of our staff paying off with this win.”

Summary of the winning project:

  • Supporting patients with long term health conditions account for 70% of healthcare resources in England

  • Growing evidence shows that involving patients in their care improves the delivery of services

  • But a practical approach was needed, and PPL was brought in to make the national business case for “People Powered Health”

  • PPL worked with Nesta and the Innovation Unit to support projects covering over 200,000 patients in: Leeds, Stockport, Newcastle, Calderdale, Earl’s Court and Lambeth

  • As a result of the programme, a case is now being made to roll out the approach to “People Powered Healthcare” nationally

For more information on the winning project, please visit: http://bit.ly/ZwuN84

Alan Leaman, CEO of the MCA said:

“This project really impressed the judges. It is at the leading edge of new thinking and practice in the health service and is clearly set to deliver great results.”