LGA appoints our ‘Integrating Care’ team to help make integrated care a reality

LGA appoints our ‘Integrating Care’ team to help make integrated care a reality

The Local Government Association (LGA) has appointed Integrating Care to develop a practical support package for local authority and health leaders. The support will enable local authorities and their NHS partners to understand the impact of different integrated care models in terms of cost and service user journey, and support plans to bring health and social care services together and help make integrated care a reality.

The project will involve working with Health and Wellbeing Boards across the country to share examples of how integrated care is delivering results, and create a community of organisations committed to making fundamental changes.

The work is a key part of national partner’s work-plan to support local areas to deliver integrated care. The partners include NHS England, ADASS, ADCS, Public Health England, Monitor, and the NHS Confederation. 

Cllr Zoe Patrick, Chair of the LGA’s Community Wellbeing Board, said:

“The £2 billion being transferred from the NHS to fund joint health and social care services announced in the 2015 Spending Round is a positive step toward integration, but with this money still two years away and the country’s public services facing a £14.4 billion black hole by 2020 it is clear we need a complete rewiring of the way we think about, run and pay for all public services.

“This toolkit will offer local authority and health leaders the chance to share ideas and learn from each other on how to use the new money to help create a system that puts the needs of real people at its heart, helping them to live longer, healthier, illness free lives.

“We don’t underestimate the scale of the challenge ahead of us, but by offering such practical support at a national level we can help encourage local support for integration and create a modern, fit for purpose, free at the point of use health and social care system that we can all be proud of.”

Simon Morioka, Senior Advisor at Integrating Care, said:

“The importance of bringing health and social care services together, or integrating care, is an area of almost complete political agreement - and the benefits have been widely recognised and reported. But there are challenges to overcome before integrated care is a reality across the UK.

“The work we are doing with the LGA and its partners is about providing practical help to identify opportunities, overcome barriers, and put new ways of working in place that promise the biggest improvements.

“At the heart of this work is the recognition that many local authorities have made good progress in bringing services together.  Learning from what has been achieved, and making it the norm, is our best chance of meeting the challenges ahead.”

The ‘Whole System Integrated Care and Support Project’ launches this month with a series of design workshops aimed at local Health and Wellbeing Boards to explore the progress that different localities have made in integrated care so far, identify the challenges that have been faced along the way and work out what the integrated care toolkit might look like.

There will be three workshops taking place at different venues across the country:

  • London, Coin Street Community Builders Centre – Wednesday, 17 July
  • Leeds, St. George's Centre – Thursday, 18 July
  • Bristol, Bristol City Council – Friday, 19 July

For more information on the LGA Integrated Care Workshops, or the ‘Whole System Integrated Care and Support Project’, please visit: http://ow.ly/mRdrm


For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

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Notes to Editors:

Integrating Care and the LGA:

  • The Local Government Association (LGA) has commissioned Integrating Care to deliver their ‘Whole System Integrated Care and Support Project’.
  • The work has the support and sponsorship of NHS England, ADASS, ADCS, Public Health England, Monitor, and the NHS Confederation.
  • It involves engaging local authorities and Health & Wellbeing Boards across the country to develop the value cases for integrated care, and the tools and support to help local areas overcome the barriers and realising the benefits of better integration.
  • In areas such as Torbay, London and Leeds there are now real examples of integrated care delivering improved value for organisations and service users alike. 
  • We recognise that even the best-constructed case studies and well-argued reports are unlikely to achieve fundamental, sector-wide change on their own. 
  • So the LGA and Integrating Care are committed to creating a community of local government and partner organisations, linked by common purpose and understanding, empowered to overcome barriers, and committed to making fundamental changes.

About Integrating Care:

  • Integrating Care is a team of senior health and social care leaders, clinicians, academics, practitioners and transformation professionals, chaired by Sir John Oldham CBE.
  • Integrating Care works across the UK to establish user-centred, better co-ordinated care.  We do this by drawing on our direct experience and our understanding of the broader evidence base. 
  • We bring an extensive track record of working in partnership with service users and carers, local government, health, and the voluntary and community sector.
  • This is about maximising health and wellbeing for those with complex conditions currently at greatest risk of losing their independence; and mobilising resources to prevent exposing people to such risks in future.
  • Our Senior Advisory Group includes Sir John Oldham, Professor Paul Corrigan, Peter Colclough, Sir Neil McKay, Dr Hugh Griffiths and Dr Nick Goodwin.
  • The Integrating Care team is hosted by leading independent public sector consultancies PPL and Finnamore.
  • Visit http://integratingcare.org for more information