A day in the life of PPL’s newest interns – Nicole and Dominic

A day in the life of PPL’s newest interns – Nicole and Dominic
posted 23 September 2014 in category Recruitment Upskilling BCF Working at PPL Interviews PPL Blog

As two graduates straight out of university, we could not have hoped for a more positive introduction to public service transformation than through PPL’s internship scheme. Despite the mildly daunting task of finding the well-concealed front door to the Pyramid building, it was hard to feel nervous as we were met by the friendly and welcoming PPL team. By setting out clear aims and objectives for what we wanted to achieve during our time at PPL, the team ensured that the internship would enable both of us and the company to benefit from the scheme as much as possible. During our induction, we were introduced to our line managers, given an overview of the company structure and ethos, and assigned to separate projects.

One of the best things about a placement with PPL is the opportunity to gain immediate exposure to management consultancy, by working on current projects from the start. Internships often run the risk of teaching you more about photocopying and filing than about the job itself, but we can happily confirm that for a PPL intern, this is not the case. During the first four weeks, Nicole created and presented an internal research project, collated case study materials for workshops, and worked on a number of process maps to shape the delivery of the ‘Delivering Differently’ project with Manchester City Council and Primary Care Demand & Capacity project. Dominic worked with the PPL team to implement Better Care Fund (BCF) schemes across Triborough in west London and is currently the flagship integrated care model in the UK. This involved presenting at a number of BCF strategic planning meetings, supporting the governance team by creating a small-contracts review and formalising data for the finance and performance team. Our input and contributions were valued and have had a real impact on the delivery of projects, which makes the work relevant, challenging and exciting – which we hope will have a wider impact on the residents of London and Manchester

The work is not purely office based; the dynamic nature of the consulting industry means often moving around and travelling across London throughout the week. We have had the opportunity to attend workshops, deliver presentations and support project planning, both in the office and at client sites. This means that we are constantly learning not only about consultancy and project management processes, but also about the public sector and the range of projects PPL is undertaking. PPL’s genuine commitment to the improvement of public sector services in order to make tangible improvements to people’s lives is something that comes through strongly, which we both greatly admire. Colleagues at all levels of seniority are always happy to provide help and support whenever it is needed, which is testament to the collaborative and supportive working culture at PPL.

Six weeks in, and we are enjoying the internship as much as we did on day one. PPL is a great place to be an intern, and the level of support given by the team would be hard to beat. It has been an excellent window into the world of management consultancy, and an experience we couldn’t recommend more.