Better Care: from planning to delivery – International Conference on Integrated Care 2015 (ICIC15)

Better Care: from planning to delivery – International Conference on Integrated Care 2015 (ICIC15)
posted 21 May 2015 in category Upskilling BCF Better Care Exchange Implementation

The fifteenth conference on Integrated Care welcomed more than 500 professionals from across the UK, Europe and around the world, to exchange knowledge, experiences and new ideas in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care. It is clear that issues around providing a patient-centred approach to healthcare not only in the UK but worldwide is gaining momentum.

With senior representatives from the World Health Organisation in attendance, the conference set out to connect policy-makers, practitioners and researchers towards achieving integrated care.

Better Care: from planning to delivery

PPL’s workshop at ICIC15 looked specifically at better care, and the process from planning to delivery. The session built on PPL’s experience of delivering support to help implement better care plans and programmes across England.

The session focused on three main aspects:

  • Common features of successful integration programmes
  • Planning - how to lead the required change initiatives
  • Delivery – how to implement the change programme

Within the session, two examples of work taking place in England to support the implementation of integrated care were introduced; the Better Care Fund Support Programme and the Better Care Exchange, both of which PPL have lead as part of a consortium.  

Claire Kennedy, Managing Director and Co-Founder of PPL commented on her involvement in the conference:

“ICIC15 has been a great opportunity to come together to share insights about integration, but also to focus on how best to design and deliver patient-centred services. 

“The voices of service users, patients and carers - the people who sit at the heart of the health systems within which we all operate - were very much present throughout the event. This gave real depth and purpose to the content and discussions. 

“We were delighted to be able to participate, and to share PPL's experience and insight along with that of colleagues from around the world.”

The workshop slide set is available to download here – Better Care: from planning to delivery.