Life @PPL: a day in the life of a PPL analyst

Life @PPL: a day in the life of a PPL analyst
posted 26 April 2018 in category Working at PPL London Interviews

Morning Hannah, thanks for doing this interview with us today. So for your first question, could you describe your role at PPL and how you came to join the company?

Morning Rachel. I’m an analyst here at PPL. I initially joined in September 2016 onto the apprentice scheme which was a one year introduction to the foundations of consulting. During my apprentice year and my time as being an analyst I’ve grown my knowledge of the health and social care sector as a whole, looking at it more from operational and strategic views. I also gained a deeper understanding of the aims and ambitions of the public sector as a whole.

Could you describe a typical day for you as an analyst?

There are two types of days at PPL. The first type is one where I would be at a client site. In the morning I would wake up, check my emails, read a bit about current affairs, travel to the client site which could be as far as Manchester but usually is somewhere in and around London. I have meetings with clients, discuss projects with them and bounce ideas off them when we’re writing reports. When you’re at a client site it’s also a lot easier to understand where the project fits in with their overall goals and ambitions.

A second typical day for me at PPL would be one where I go to PPL’s office which is in central London. I could have meetings ranging from internal communications to team meetings to charity fundraising planning. It’s also a really great opportunity to catch up with the team, see what they’re doing, and see when we can each work together to support each other.

So how has PPL helped you progress your career?

Directly on joining I entered PPL’s learning and development scheme where we were taught skills for general consulting, presentation skills, change management and managing larger projects. I feel that PPL offers an environment that gives continuous learning. This could be on your projects or it could also be with colleagues in general. And the most important point of your learning and development at PPL is that it doesn’t stop! You are always learning on your projects, from your colleagues and from independent research and self-reflection.