Life @PPL: from private sector to public sector consulting

Life @PPL: from private sector to public sector consulting
posted 26 April 2018 in category Social Care Working at PPL Interviews Disabilities

Hi Toby! So tell us, why did you make the decision to move into public sector consulting?

When I made the decision to move jobs, I had spent 6 years in private sector consulting, which had given me a great grounding in core consulting skills. I felt the time was right, however, to take my career in slightly different direction. I felt that by working as a consultant in the public sector I’d be able to have real impact on people and communities, more so than I was having in the private sector.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on while at PPL?

I led a piece of work for Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, which involved reviewing demand, performance and impact of current adult social care services within Greater Manchester, focusing on four themes: carers; residential care; home care; and learning disabilities. It also involved identifying models of best practice both nationally and internationally. This was great because it was something at the real cutting edge of health and care policy in the UK: devolution of decision making and budgets – and how it would work in practice. I was able to work with local leaders and other stakeholders to define the initial strategic and practical steps that would need to be taken to commission and implement these models. As a result of this work, many examples of evidence based good practice were spread across Greater Manchester, which has led to improvements in the quality of care for significant numbers of adult social care users.

What advice would you give to someone considering moving from corporate to public sector consultancy?

Don’t be afraid to try something different!

And finally, how have you been able to use your experience of working in corporate consultancy at PPL?

So many of the skills I learnt in my corporate consultancy role have transferred over very easily into my role at PPL. These include working to deadlines, managing teams and stakeholders effectively, being able to think analytically to solve problems, and of course the ability to create slides!