Life @PPL: joining us from the public sector

Life @PPL: joining us from the public sector
posted 26 April 2018 in category Working at PPL Interviews Children and Young People

Morning Russell! So tell us, how did you come to PPL? 

I joined PPL after five years working across the public and third sectors in frontline, development, and management roles. I mostly worked in children and young people’s services and joined PPL as I was passionate about using this experience to make a difference at a more strategic level. I was also keen to develop my commercial skills and broaden my experience across wider public services.

What are your responsibilities as a PPL consultant?

At PPL, I support clients across local government and the NHS to transform services. Day to day that means I spend time with frontline staff, strategic leaders, and service users, I analyse performance and financial data, and I draft documents (e.g. service specifications or business cases) which support the changes clients are trying to achieve. Outside of client facing work, I also lead the PPL communications team and contribute to children’s business development activities. The great thing about PPL is that you are supported to stretch and challenge yourself with a range of internal and external roles which aren’t bound to specific roles or grades.

How has PPL supported you to follow your interests in the company?

I’m particularly passionate about local government and its potential to improve lives and life chances. My line manager has been very responsive to this and has made sure, where possible, that I’ve been put on a range of really interesting local government projects – from devolution to disabilities services and more in between. The company have also supported me to take on the role of engagement manager with one of our local government clients; this has been a great opportunity and is one of the highlights of my role. Outside of client facing work, PPL have also supported me to get involved with the New Local Government Network – which has been brilliant for developing my contacts across the sector.

And finally, what are you most proud of?

It’s difficult to narrow it down to just one project but if I had to choose, I would say I am most proud of is the Young People and Young Parents’ Supported Accommodation service reconfiguration I project managed for a London Borough. Through the project, we brought together multiple services and contracts into one and secured increased investment from Children’s Services to ensure the new Service could meet the needs of care leavers, many of whom were in expensive and inappropriate out of borough placements previously. The project was not easy, there were longstanding tensions in the relationships across departments and with historic providers which meant I had to facilitate some quite challenging conversations at times. In the end though, all partners were happy with the new co-designed service which is now live, has been nominated for a national award, and is on track to deliver its savings targets. Best of all, the new service means young people and young parents are getting a much better quality of support than before!