Life @PPL: three minutes with Tim, Associate Director

Life @PPL: three minutes with Tim, Associate Director
posted 26 April 2018 in category Upskilling Working at PPL How We Learn Interviews

Hi, I’m Tim and I’m an Associate Director at PPL.

Hi Tim, thanks so much for doing this interview for us today. So my first question is, how did you find the transition from working in a large company to joining PPL?

I think I’m still learning but what I’ve found is a really warm welcome, the ability to use a lot of the skills that I learned in larger organisations but the freedom and flexibility to use them at PPL, in a way, to be more creative, more… in charge of my own destiny, and supporting the firm to grow!

Could you tell us a bit about your career to date before joining PPL?

I joined PPL from PWC where I was for six years but I’ve had quite a varied career. I started my proper working life working for a joint unit in a charity around disabled access. I got seconded into government then moved into government and did a range of policy and programme roles, spent some time at PWC on secondment, worked for NESTA, went back to government... but I found that the excitement of doing consulting was what attracted me for the future. So I did that time at PWC and I am now at PPL!

What would you say you’d be looking for in a potential candidate for PPL?

I think at PPL we talk a lot about people with the growth mindset. We’re looking for that in candidates. We’re looking for that for people who want to come and grow their careers but also help our clients come and deliver on their ambitions. People who are excited about the potential of change and understand how difficult change is but want to work with people and very much put people at the centre of delivering change with our clients and helping them adapt to the challenging public services face today. 

And finally, what are you most excited about doing while you’re here?

So PPL is ten years old. I’m excited about helping the next phase of growth and the agenda and making PPL something that people have heard of, something that people are proud of and want to work with and for as it sets out to help create a new generation of public services.