PPL wins 2018 MCA Award for Consulting Excellence in Ethical Behaviour

PPL wins 2018 MCA Award for Consulting Excellence in Ethical Behaviour
posted 22 June 2018 in category MCA Awards PPL News Person-Centred Care

As you may have seen recently featured in The Times, PPL are delighted to be confirmed as the winners of the 2018 MCA Award for Consulting Excellence for Ethical Behaviour.

We would like to thank the MCA for a great awards evening where we had the opportunity to celebrate and share our work and mission. We got to hear more about the incredible value and passion our fellow consultancies bring to their clients, and we also had lots of fun! The 2018 trophy is now displayed, pride of place, in The Nest, our main office meeting room.

That said, as our co-founder Claire explains here, we don’t do what we do at PPL for the awards.

We do it because across the country a new generation of public services are emerging and we believe in their vision of creating tomorrow’s services today. We are of course delighted to be recognised as part of this movement by the MCA, especially because it gives us a chance to share how we realise our vision of “ethical consultancy”: leaving our client organisations in a better position to deliver changes that deliver positive impacts for citizens.

So what do we do to deliver ethical consulting excellence? One example would be our client work. Our outstanding work with West London CCG and our partners Innovation Unit on transforming their integrated healthcare service My Care, My Way was also nominated for an HSJ Value award this year. We have been at the forefront of delivering improved and integrated, person-centred services for the past decade.

Lots (but not all!) of consultancies run good projects that deliver positive outcomes. When PPL was founded, it was designed to take the best of the traditional consultancy model – the rigour, training, the ability to stand outside a problem and analyse it, and the energy and passion that can sometimes come from bringing in an external perspective -  and to combine that with what our co-founders had learned from their careers in the public sector.  This learning can be summarised as the sense that public money is a shared asset that has to deliver real impact for actual people in order to realise its true value; that consultancy support needs to be priced in a way that enables clients to use it flexibly and over the long term; and that the problems within public services are complex and not subject to easy solutions. We believe that collaboration - between organisations, between clients and consultants and within teams - is the key to unlocking the complexity. There are no silver bullets in our work but there are tools and techniques that work. We are proud that, over the past decade, we have been able to refine and develop our approach to deliver measurable, repeatable outcomes for our clients that they truly own. Not many consultancies do that.   

Our People and Development function shapes our learning as a team through the prism of How We Learn. This encompasses whole-team training, targeted external and internal training, a connected and collaborative form of people management and a culture of constant learning and professional growth, refracted through our organizational commitment to the idea of the growth mindset.  

We have always donated a proportion of our profits to charity, alongside reinvesting in our organisational team. To celebrate PPL being 10 years old this year we have partnered with PPL10: 10 incredible employee-nominated charities that we will be raising £50,000 over the course of the year (to learn more and donate, click here).

This agenda – recognising that sustainable change is necessary and can deliver better services for citizens, communities and for public service professionals - drives us in everything we do.

More important than any award is the fact that we have a 95 per cent repeat-business record. We suspect this is because we are truly passionate about achieving long term results with our clients.

We know that successful change, especially in these challenging times, comes from empowering and supporting people to work differently and design the changes needed to deliver sustainable value. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.