PPL Impact Report launch

PPL Impact Report launch
posted 26 October 2018 in category PPL News Leadership

The first in a series from our PPL Impact Report, available for download below. Simon and Claire reflect on PPL's journey over the last decade and what lies ahead. 

PPL has been on quite a journey over the last ten years, as has the public sector. When we started out, some of our team today were still in school. Tony Blair was Prime Minister and we were at the heart of Europe. The original iPhone had just been launched and the financial crash had not yet happened. For the first time ever in the UK there were more people aged over 65 than under 16.

It feels fair to say that change has been the only constant since. Our public services in the UK are evolving to meet the pressures of today and of tomorrow. The challenges we face are real and, in many cases, common across the globe. Nonetheless, we feel that there are grounds for real hope.

We doubt many people reflect often on what reaching ten years of age meant to us at the time or what it felt like. When we founded PPL ten years ago, Claire had a new-born baby. This has turned out to be excellent forward planning as she now has a supply of ten-year-olds to remind her what it feels like to be ten. Apparently, ten-year-olds are really excited about what is ahead of them. Ten-year-olds don’t look back. They don’t say ‘I remember when I couldn’t ride my bike’. They talk about what they ‘can do now’ and what they ‘want to do next’.

PPL has grown and changed substantially in the past decade but it has an essence which has been, and will always be, part of its story. PPL is, at its heart, an organisation that believes that the world can be better and that making things better, even just a little, is a prize worth winning. PPL is also born of the belief that we work best and most effectively when we connect honestly and authentically with each other. This applies to our partnerships, our clients, the world around us, the people we impact and our colleagues.

Hard though it may be to believe when we see how far is left to go, as a country the UK has come a long way in improving public sector services. As a team we have changed more and done more than most people ever do. And we want to do more still.

PPL, like all of us, is not perfect - it is learning and growing all the time. We thought that ten years was a good moment to reflect on what we have achieved so far, to reach out with our stories and to consider what more we want to do as an organisation. If the last decade tells us anything, the next few years should be quite a ride!

Download the full report to learn more about our work to date, our ambitions for the future, and PPL behind the scenes!