Week in the life of an Analyst

Week in the life of an Analyst
posted 06 August 2019 in category Working at PPL How We Learn PPL Blog Pathway Design

I joined PPL in October 2017 as a Junior Analyst from a background of Biomedical Sciences at university. I was attracted to PPL as I have a keen interest in public health and the wider determinants of health. I wanted to work to drive change in this area, having completed a specialism in Epidemiology and Global Health at university. I am interested in how healthcare systems can better work together to improve patient outcomes, and this is one of the many things I enjoy about my role at PPL. The work we do is patient-centred, outcomes-focussed and value driven.  


This Monday, I am working at the PPL office. The office is usually quite busy on Mondays compared to the rest of the week when people tend to work on client site. It’s great to be able to catch up with colleagues working on other projects and makes for a lovely start to the week! The first thing I do is organise my time for the week, planning between the two projects I’m currently working on and email this to my project managers and people manager and I also flag any availability I have.     

This week, I am finishing my project where we are redesigning clinical pathways to improve integration between mental health and physical health to achieve better outcomes for patients. I am also starting a new project assessing the specialist training gaps within the Mental Health Crisis workforce. I have one day of availability this week which I will either use for internal work or helping with other projects.  

Today, I am reviewing comments on the final deliverable from the lead client of the pathway redesign project in preparation for our final handover meeting. This afternoon, I have a meeting with my people manager to review my progress against my objectives.  


Today, I am on client site for meetings with the Communications Teams from the partner hospitals in the pathway redesign project to agree a plan for disseminating the key project findings. We met with many stakeholders at the various hospital sites to ensure the integrated pathways were co-designed with clinicians and service users. It is important that we effectively communicate the outcomes of this project so that these stakeholders are aware of the value and ongoing nature of their work, especially given the ongoing wider transformation programme in the area.    

After the meeting, I stay on the client site to work on the actions. I write up our progress against the original project objectives, the key recommendations as well as address some concerns that stakeholders highlighted, which can surface with change projects.  


An early start today! I am off to Leeds on the 8am train from King’s Cross for a kick off meeting.  I will be working on a national programme to understand the current provision of specialist training for staff working in Mental Health Crisis Teams and identify any gaps and issues that may exist. This programme will also assess any challenges and solutions to developing competencies required and the future preparedness of teams across the country. We agree the scope of the project, the structure of key deliverables and the locations of the twelve regional workshops we will be holding. A successful meeting! We head back to London and I take the opportunity to work on the train to finalise and send out the minutes of the meeting and get on with the agreed actions.  

I make it back to the office for our monthly Junior Analyst and Analyst Support Group which is a peer support group facilitated by an Associate Director. It’s a space to share and consolidate learning as well as discuss any concerns. We also not-so-coincidentally schedule our sessions to fall on the same day as PPL team drinks which happen on the last Wednesday of every month. There is always food at team drinks which is an additional bonus and it’s particularly great when you’ve been out at client site a lot that month.  


I am working from home today as I don’t have any face to face meetings and I will be focussing on business development. I have a teleconference this morning with the PPL Children and Young People’s Business Development Group. We have a number of business development groups that people at all grades can get involved with to support the strategic priorities of our firm. Today, we are discussing next steps with some partners and it’s great to be able to work with other SMEs in partnership and share expertise.  

I am also writing some bids for future work and will check in with the respective teams on each proposal.  


I am back in the office today! We have our monthly team meeting where our Managing Directors present a company business update. It is always interesting to understand what is happening on a strategic level and I value the opportunity to get involved so early on in my career. We also have sector updates and today I am presenting a project update on the pathway redesign project.