Our guide to delivering online training and workshops using Zoom

Our guide to delivering online training and workshops using Zoom
posted 03 April 2020 in category COVID-19 Co-design Lockdown Upskilling

Like most organisations, the way that we deliver services has required a dramatic change since the outbreak of Covid-19. We have had to make significant adaptions to the way that we operate and the way that we engage with and deliver training to our teams and to our clients. We recognise that not being in the same room creates specific challenges for learning groups and facilitators, so a good virtual session needs to be designed to address these challenges!

We are learning as we go, so are not claiming to be experts in this! However, our team do have extensive experience in working with diverse audiences and communities, both to deliver formal training, and to co-design new ways of working. This resource has been rapidly developed to support us, our clients and other partners through this period.

We are not in any way affiliated with or sponsored by Zoom: PPL is a London-based social enterprise that that exists to promote better health, wellbeing and economic outcomes across the UK. Other platforms for virtual working exist and we use some of those too.

The purpose of this document is to present:

  • The features required to run training / learning sessions.
  • How to structure and co-ordinate online sessions.
  • PPL's experience and recommendations.

In this guide, you will find:

  • An introduction to the capabilities available (pp. 3-5).
  • Suggestions for how to run remote learning sessions (pp. 6-9).
  • Some top tips based on our experience so far (p. 10).

Download Our guide to delivering online training and workshops using Zoom, March 2020

We hope you find this useful and we welcome any feedback on your own experiences. Please do let us know via Twitter, LinkedIn or direct to Laura Walsh at PPL