PPL Catalyst: Organisational Change

We’ve spent the past two decades supporting people and organisations to come together effectively to deliver the outcomes they want to achieve. The experience and insights we’ve gained through this work have led us to develop PPL Catalyst: an approach and ethos to delivering sustainable organisational and system change.

The PPL Catalyst approach focuses on individual, organisational and system development because we recognise that, whilst working collaboratively presents a whole range of opportunities and can be immensely rewarding, it can also present natural challenges and often needs space, trust and support in order to develop successfully.

Recognised as one of the FT’s Top Management Consultancies in Organisation and Change, our approach brings together behavioural science, coaching, psychology and pragmatism to enable individuals and teams at all levels – from local teams to system leaders – to work differently together.

We support teams and individuals to develop and embed the culture they want to work within. We work alongside teams, testing ways of working differently, and we support them to create the management culture and processes that will embed the sustainable change that will deliver their overarching vision. We are committed to making the change feel ‘real’ for everyone involved, to helping people to find their place in the new world and to putting in place the mindset and culture that allows them to continue that process of development and growth long after our teams have left.

We understand how challenging it is to develop new patterns for engagement and connection.

From our extensive experience we know a structured programme of organisational development - that brings together a range of perspectives honestly and transparently, allows people the space and time to challenge both themselves and each other, and the practical opportunity to test and learn new ways of collaborating - can catalyse real, practical change.

What does it take to change an organisation or system?

Organisational or system change is fundamentally about two things: changing what people do and how they do it.

The what is relatively easy to do – it’s about designing new systems or approaches to solve organisational or system challenges. The how is more complex, and involves a combination of skills, motivation, confidence, attitudes and behaviours. It can take a long time and multiple interventions.

Interventions can be visible, such as training, coaching and team development, or invisible. Invisible interventions tap into people’s natural tendency to focus on the ‘real work’ (i.e. the what), and find ways to understand and influence people to change their ways of working.

How do we create change?

The most effective way to create lasting change is to find the right mix of visible and invisible interventions. Sometimes people need and want to know they are ‘doing OD’. At other times, OD might feel like a distraction, or luxury, in the context of more urgent operational priorities. This doesn’t mean it isn’t important or needed, but we may have to embed OD interventions into work that is more operationally focused.

Natasha Larkin

Our team

Head of Organisational Development, Natasha Larkin MCIPD, leads our work in this area supported by a team with a range of skills and experience in Board and system development; communications and impact; coaching and support; and culture and change.

Contact Natasha to talk through the challenges and opportunities you have in front of you and to find out more: natasha.larkin@ppl.org.uk

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“We’ve had feedback that East Surrey is unrecognisable from where we were before. I can categorically say we would not have got here without PPL.”

Sumona Chatterjee, East Surrey Place Based Leader, Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System.

“We chose PPL to deliver our substantial training programme because we knew that we could learn from how they deliver client work and shared their values for high quality delivery in the public sector. It was a really excellent course – it has helped bring the team together and equipped us to deliver better support to the sector, and in turn improve health outcomes for the populations served by our significant, national client base.”

Laura Churchill, Director of NEL Healthcare Consulting