Our impact

“Creating a positive impact” is our first criteria for evaluating new opportunities, and the challenge we set ourselves in how we connect with each other, with partners and the world around us.

We know that despite the best efforts of individuals, communities and organisations throughout our country, the issues we face as a society are growing and becoming more complex. We believe that solutions lie not just in investing in people, processes and technology, but in finding ways to combine new ways of working around shared values and shared ethics.

Since 2007 PPL has been responsible for supporting hundreds of organisations deliver better services and outcomes on behalf of thousands of communities and millions of people throughout the UK.

Our teams work at a national, regional and local level to apply best-practice to meet the daily challenges facing people and to help them stay independent and well. We work with a range of public sector and VCSE organisations with a focus on building their capacity and skills, whilst also implementing new models of shared delivery built around the needs and capabilities of the individuals and communities they serve.

Our PPL Impact Report 2018 describes some of the ways in which this work is creating positive outcomes today. However, we are ambitious to go further.

Building sector capacity

In 2014, PPL first launched our “Consultancy Development Programme” (CDP). We wanted to equip our team in a way which reflected the very best of the global consulting industry, but with our values very much at the core. Taught by both senior team members and external experts, our learning programmes cover not only core technical skills but core behaviours for working in complex environments to deliver large-scale change.

Over the last 2 years, we have extended our internal training programmes to support those working direcly within the public and VCSE sector training over 350 in-house consultants and “change agents” to support the delivery of major change programmes without the cost of external consultancies, and leading and contributing to over 50 practice exchange workshops, seminars and roundtables promoting the open exchange of knowledge and learning.

Our support to our charity partners

All of our charity partners share an ethos of empowering people to succeed and thrive. During the last decade we have donated over £75,000 to a range of charitable causes supporting communities at home and abroad.

We have never believed that size should limit our actions or ambitions; and have always felt that our success was as much about how we empower others, as what we deliver ourselves. We are proud to have supported organisations as diverse as:

  • Albert Kennedy Trust
  • ABF The Soldiers’ Charity
  • Cancer Research
  • Different Strokes
  • Excellent Development
  • North & South London Cares
  • The Prince’s Trust
  • Refugees at Home
  • St. Mungo’s
  • X-Forces Enterprise

And as part of our commitment to supporting environmental sustainability, we have now invested almost £100,000 including in protecting and expanding woodland and forests in the UK and in Africa.

Delivering together

Whilst we are proud of the work of our team, we also recognise that we achieve more in partnership than we could ever achieve alone.

In January 2017, PPL jointly established a new network of fellow social enterprises and third sector organisations, working together to deliver improved outcomes for individuals and communities at scale, with PPL acting as a “hub” for identifying opportunities and supporting shared client engagements. Driven by our own experiences of working with larger organisations,

• PPL makes no profit or margin on the time or input of any of our partners;
• we all work to the same discounted rate for all public-sector and VCSE clients;
• all framework opportunities are “qualified” jointly, providing everyone with equal access to bid;
• and last but by no means least, all intellectual property is shared freely with each other and the clients we serve.

You can read more about Sonder here.

To discuss any aspect of our work and our impact, please contact PPL managing partners Simon Morioka and Claire Kennedy.