Claire Kennedy

Claire Kennedy

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Claire Kennedy is Joint Managing Director and co-founder of PPL, a Senior Advisor on Integrating Care, and current Vice President of the Management Consultancies Association of the UK.

Prior to joining the public sector, Claire was a political consultant and communications expert with Westminster Strategy and Ketchum Communications, co-authoring reports with think tanks such as SustainAbility on emerging global trends; and advising clients including Amnesty International on national-level policy development. She subsequently moved into local government, via the National Management Development Programme.

Since 2002, Claire has been working at the heart of the public sector improvement agenda. She has extensive experience of managing complex change projects across multiple service areas, and delivering measureable benefits for customers and staff. This included as Head of Strategic Transformation, managing a team of over 60 permanent and contract staff and a budget of £10 million at the London Borough of Lambeth, as part of the council’s improvement journey; with individual responsibilities including the development and implementation of the council’s Customer Service Strategy, and the management of complex, technology-enabled transformation projects in key service areas such as Housing Benefits.

Claire is skilled at bringing teams of people together to deliver a shared vision for the future, and is extremely adept at working with stakeholders at all levels of organisations. Claire’s role involves providing strategic development and insight across local government and health. Her particular focus is on linking strategic objectives and outcomes to everyday delivery, and the management techniques required to develop effective teams, and to enable them to maximise their performance.

Claire co-founded PPL in 2007, and has led implementation teams across health, social care and voluntary and community sectors. In 2012 she was responsible for co-founding Integrating Care, a collaborative drawing together a range of clinical, managerial and academic skills, experience and expertise to support the development of integrated care in the UK, chaired by Sir John Oldham. Most recently, Claire has been leading on the development of local responses to the Better Care Fund (BCF), including developing the model response for the BCF on behalf of NHS England and the Local Government Association; supporting Primary Care Transformation, through improving understanding and management of activity and demand across GP Networks; and advising on making co-ordinated care a reality, for individuals and communities across the UK.

Claire holds MAs from the University of Oxford and King’s College London, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Local Government Management from Warwick Business School. Claire is also a member of the Institute of Directors, and a Fellow of the RSA.

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