System Leadership

Leaders have always needed to think beyond the boundaries of their own organisations. In an increasingly complex and pressured world, we are supporting leadership teams aiming to make a real difference to the communities they serve, together.

We don’t believe in heroic models of leadership. Real change involves convening and empowering people to do the right thing, whatever their background, organisation or role.

Our work on developing system leadership is:

Collaborative and evidence-based
Working at all tiers and across organisational boundaries to build a shared view of objectives and priorities for the short, medium and longer-term, our senior team are currently working with STPs and other partnerships across England to help them build relationships, challenge assumptions, and create a shared vision for the future.

Co-designed around communities
We start with individuals and communities because this is the “nodal point” where all of the organisations working within a system - irrespective of their different backgrounds, sectors and structures - need to come together. It is the place where the things that unite us far outweigh those that divide us. And it is where if we can get relationships right, we can make the biggest difference to the people who matter most, those who are in need of help and support to stay independent and well.

Helping tomorrow come to the aid of today
We believe change starts with small, specific changes (“Trojan Horse Projects”) which address immediate problems and build trust. It is about addressing challenges that couldn’t be solved by any one from of people working alone. To achieve this we equip people at all levels with the skills and tools to enable them to lead and sustain change, including through formal training, coaching and mentoring delivered by organisational development professionals with deep experience of working with the public and voluntary and community sectors.

To learn more about our work supporting system leaders to transform outcomes on the ground, please contact PPL managing partners Simon Morioka and Claire Kennedy.