Analytics has always been a key component of the work we do at PPL, from designing dashboards that drive evidence-based decision making to building models for clients looking to expand their services.

In the 15 years since PPL was founded, the world of data has been transformed by crises and innovations. Public sector data quality has improved, the tools at our disposal have become more powerful, and new areas of focus, such as inequalities, have come to the fore.

We are very proud of the work we have done with clients and partners over the past year to help them make critical decisions based on a clear understanding of all the available evidence. This has included:

  • Reporting on the financial impact of health inequalities for an Integrated Care System, in order to drive interventions specific to those populations which would reduce health inequalities (such as unequal emergency hospital usage) and improve health outcomes
  • Conducting an options appraisal for an Integrated Care System on the way forward for delivering domestic abuse support to patients and related training for staff
  • Evaluating the impact of initiatives to encourage Covid-19 vaccination uptake in a London borough, hearing different communities’ experiences of various outreach activities to understand what really works to encourage vaccination

The pace of change in analytics and insight means we at PPL are now crystallising our approach. We do not do analytics for analytics sake – instead, we use data in conjunction with other tools to drive change and create impact with our clients and partners. We work with our partners to understand where analytics can help them develop and realise their vision, to provide deeper insight into issues and potential solutions, and to secure buy-in from people and organisations who need to be taken on a journey to achieve sustainable change.

This year has seen the foundation of our Analytics Community of Practice, which is developing PPL’s analytics offer and upskilling our team, and a series of analytics projects which have delivered real impact for communities in the UK. As we enter 2023, we are determined to continue on this trajectory and are excited for what the future holds!