Digital, Data & Evidence-Based Change

Digital and data is at the core of everything we do.

However, we know even the best technologies and analytics cannot produce meaningful change in isolation.

Our work is about bringing together the latest capabilities with proven approaches to co-design and organisational development to ensure that investments deliver better outcomes for individuals, communities, and the staff that support them.

Our approach to digital and data is people-centred and technology-agnostic.

PPL has supported some of the largest health and care programmes in the UK, including the NHS “Getting It Right First Time” (GIRFT) programme, as a partner to the London ICS Network and evaluator for Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership.

We support national bodies, systems, partnerships, local authorities, individual health and care providers and charities to get the most from their evidence and data, whether in the planning, implementation, operation or evaluation of change.

For us, this is about empowering people at all levels to make the best possible decisions, and ensuring that everyone who needs it has access to the quality of support and care they need.

If you would like to find out more about our approach to digital, data and evidence-based change, please contact Toby Irving.

  • Claire Kennedy

    Joint Chief Executive PPL

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    We are experts at bringing partner organisations together to identify how they can best work together to support communities they serve; and we are experts at helping them to work differently to achieve that ambition.

  • Mayara


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    From Analyst to Director, everyone here works together to deliver real change to our clients, with our clients. This means a lot of professional exposure, making PPL a great place to launch your consulting career!

  • Nick


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    It has been really exciting to work first-hand on projects that support tackling societal challenges and impact people’s lives across health, social care, and local government.”

How to work with our team

Our services are available for direct call-off at pre-negotiated, discounted rates through a range of official frameworks.

We aim is to provide the highest-quality support and resource, across the broad range of areas needed to help improve and transform our public services, in a way which is cost-effective, impactful and values-led.

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