Place and partnership development

We have been working for over two decades on the development of better co-ordinated person and community centred services.

We recognise that despite the efforts of frontline staff and organisations, for too many people, their experience of the public sector is of services that are not co-ordinated or designed around them.

We work with Integrated Care Systems, Place Based Partnerships, Provider Collaboratives, Local Authorities and individual organisations across England to help co-design approaches to delivering services and outcomes that work with and for the people who rely on them.

We do this not simply because we think it is the morally right thing to do, but because it is one of the few ways in which we can help make limited resources go further – by reducing delays and duplication, intervening earlier, and working collectively to keep people living independently and well.

By identifying the shared issues, prioritising development activity around these; and by engaging with all potential partners to understand their role, the associated risks and benefits; we have over a decade of experience supporting our clients to create meaningful productive and practical partnerships.


If you would like to find out more about our approach to place and partnership development, please contact David Segal.

  • Claire Kennedy

    Joint Chief Executive PPL

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    We are experts at bringing partner organisations together to identify how they can best work together to support communities they serve; and we are experts at helping them to work differently to achieve that ambition.

  • Mayara


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    From Analyst to Director, everyone here works together to deliver real change to our clients, with our clients. This means a lot of professional exposure, making PPL a great place to launch your consulting career!

  • Nick


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    It has been really exciting to work first-hand on projects that support tackling societal challenges and impact people’s lives across health, social care, and local government.”

How to work with our team

Our services are available for direct call-off at pre-negotiated, discounted rates through a range of official frameworks.

We aim is to provide the highest-quality support and resource, across the broad range of areas needed to help improve and transform our public services, in a way which is cost-effective, impactful and values-led.

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