We are experts at working in partnership. It has been at the heart of our business model since our creation in 2007.

We know that partnering effectively with other specialists, with clients, with colleagues, delivers outstanding outcomes.


Our services are available for direct call-off at pre-negotiated, discounted rates through a range of national frameworks.

Our aim is to provide the highest-quality support and resource, across the broad range of areas needed to help improve and transform our public services, in a way which is cost-effective and values-led.

Please contact info@ppl.org.uk or you can also find details on our current framework listings and the related support we can provide listed below.

  • Lot 1: Clinical Measurement – Clinical Measurement

    Lot 2: Clinical Measurement – Health Economics

    Lot 3: Digital Transformation

    Lot 4: System Transformation

  • Lot C3: Procurement and Commissioning Support

    Lot C4: Marketing, Communications and PR

    Lot D1: Community Engagement

    Lot D2: Environmental and Sustainability

    Lot D3: Energy Efficiency

    Lot E1: Healthcare Services – Planning, Design and Service Improvements

    Lot E2: Public Health

    Lot E3: Social Care (Adult & Children)

  • Lot 1: Business Lot

    Lot 4: Finance


    Lot 7: Health, Social Care & Community

  • Lot 1: Business, Leadership, Management, Governance, Structure & Strategy

    Lot 2: Integrated Care, Healthcare & Community

    Lot 3: Commercialisation, Innovation & Transformation

    Lot 5: IT Business Consultancy


    Lot 7: HR and Employment, Skills, and Training

    Lot 8: Disease Outbreaks – Endemics, Epidemics and Pandemics

    Lot 10: Social Value, Sustainability, and Carbon Neutrality

  • Lot 1: Business Services

    Lot 4a: Public Health

    Lot 4b: Social Care (Adults)

    Lot 4c: Social Care (Children)


    Lot 6a: Operational IT Services

    Lot 6b: Strategic IT Services

    Lot 9a: Community Research and Engagement

    Lot 10: Strategic Projects

  • Lot 02.4: Corporate Performance

    Lot 02.5: Corporate Operational Planning

    Lot 02.8: Policy Review and Implementation

    Lot 02.9: Service Transformation & Rationalisation

    Lot 10.3: Commissioning & Decommissioning


    Lot 10.20: Service Transformation & Rationalisation

    Lot 13.5: Data & Management Information

    Lot 16.3: Culture Change Organisational diagnosis

    Lot 16.20: Sustainability Transformation

  • Health System Support Framework in partnership with Optimedis-COBIC.

    • Population Health Intelligence Suppliers
    • Business and Clinical Intelligence Suppliers
    • Decision Support Tools Suppliers
    • Development of Service Change and reconfiguration proposals suppliers
    • Transformation project and programme management (expertise and capacity) suppliers
    • Organisational redesign, governance, payment and contract reform
    • Workforce and leadership support suppliers
    • Support for implementing shared decision making and self-care programmes
    • Support implementing Personal Health Budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning
    • Digital and remote technology suppliers
    • Patient pathway optimisation and care model design
    • Patient flow solutions suppliers
    • Provider relationship management and supply chain support suppliers
    • Financial and quality measurement and assurance supplier
    • Provider modernisation and transformation to deliver significant transformation suppliers


Sonder is a group of like-minded organisations, providing our clients with access to multi-sectoral and inter-disciplinary expertise.

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  • Director

    London Council

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    The strategy and projects enabled us to leap forward about 15 years in the space of just 3 years.

  • Medical Consultant


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    One of the few projects that I have witnessed in a long time that has improved patient and carer experience, promoted true multi disciplinary working and has reduced length of stay in the hospital we need to roll this out across every single ward.

  • Clinical lead

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    Thank you so much for your support in helping us create the core offer. We really appreciated your structured approach, attention to detail and professionalism whilst addressing challenges and ensuring we adhered to the tight timelines.