Virtual wards consultancy – evaluation and delivery

Woman in a virtual ward using a laptop to contact a medical professional about her health. She is siting at a table in a kitchen and is taking her blood pressure with a blood pressure gauge. She is in the North East of England.

We’re experts at doing practical work to answer the questions that matter. Our work on Virtual Wards is testament to this approach.

Virtual Wards, which help patients manage their health and care at home, are expanding. As the leading Virtual Wards consultancy, we’ve been working with partners including Integrated Care Boards to help manage Virtual Ward implementation since their inception.

South East Region Virtual Wards Evaluation Report

Download a copy of our report for NHS England, which evaluated the effectiveness of Virtual Wards in the South East of England.

Download Virtual Wards Report

Executive Summary of South East Region Report

Download a copy of the executive summary of our South East region Virtual Wards evaluation report.

Download Virtual Wards Executive Summary

We’ve also been answering key questions about the effectiveness of Virtual Wards, by delivering sector-leading evaluations at both regional and local levels to assess the impact of Virtual Wards on activity, expenditure, and quality.

Virtual Ward delivery is complex, there is a wide spectrum of options available and there are complexities and unknowns to overcome, but with the right methodologies in place, we have seen that Virtual Wards work to deliver better outcomes for patients, carers and clinicians.

We can work with you to assess the impact of Virtual Wards in your region, locality or place. We can help you understand where the challenges and opportunities are, so you can further your roll-out of Virtual Wards and deliver the best care to your patients.

If you would like to find out more about our approach to Virtual Wards and how we can help you, please contact Toby Irving, our Virtual Wards Director at PPL.

Read more about some of our work on Virtual Wards here.

Smartwatch for assisted living. A woman from the medical health system wears a smartwatch for remote monitoring of vital signs on an elderly person
  • Claire Kennedy

    Joint Chief Executive PPL

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    We are experts at bringing partner organisations together to identify how they can best work together to support communities they serve; and we are experts at helping them to work differently to achieve that ambition.

  • Head of Discharge Operations


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    Just wanted to share a huge thanks for all your support and efforts to deliver this training and complete the resource pack. Super pleased with the outcome and it was a pleasure to work with PPL again.

  • Medical Consultant


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    One of the few projects that I have witnessed in a long time that has improved patient and carer experience, promoted true multi disciplinary working and has reduced length of stay in the hospital we need to roll this out across every single ward.

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Our services are available for direct call-off at pre-negotiated, discounted rates through a range of official frameworks.

We aim is to provide the highest-quality support and resource, across the broad range of areas needed to help improve and transform our public services, in a way which is cost-effective, impactful and values-led.

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