We are proud to launch our latest Impact Report to share the story of our 2023.

This Impact Report highlights the themes that have shaped and driven our world and our work this year. Connecting with new clients and sectors, growing the team, developing the Mill Street and Bristol offices, establishing “Mill Street Nights”. The list goes on. We are a team that has really proven that it can, and will, go far beyond even its own ambitions to deliver outcomes it believes in.

PPL is more than a management consultancy. We are also an organisation that is creatively and positively exploring what the future of public service delivery might look like, and what a business can be and do.

When we are asked why we have chosen now as the moment to expand, why now the moment to invest in new office space, grow our team by 25%, and deepen the connections we have with our senior advisor team; we say: “If not now, when?”

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