Our ambition has always been to promote better health, wellbeing and economic outcomes across the UK.

Historically, our team has worked nationally from our Bermondsey headquarters. We are all aware that the UK is currently facing multiple social and economic challenges. We hope to play our part in meeting these head-on by growing our impact. We have always had strong links with individuals, communities and organisations in London; and our home in South East London has played a key part in helping us build meaningful and productive relationships in the region.

We are excited to announce that we are now bringing our unique way of working closer to key clients in the South West of England, as we open a new office in Redcliffe, Bristol City Centre. We’ve worked with clients in the South West for over a decade, and we know that opening an office in the region will allow us to deepen our relationships and drive our UK-wide impact.

Our South West office brings everything that PPL can do in terms of skills, capacity, and capabilities; and is led by our Manager Joe Kane-Smith. Joe is a local resident of Bristol and has considerable experience of managing change in complex public sector environments. He has a passion for social justice and, in addition to his prior consultancy experience, has worked in a number of Voluntary & Community Sector roles, including developing Crisis’s consultancy service. From 2018 to 2022, Joe was Trustee & Chair of CHAS Bristol; a small inner-city charity helping people stay in their homes through housing advice, advocacy and hands-on support.

“PPL is a unique organisation, and I’m really excited to share our knowledge, expertise and pragmatic approach with more organisations in the South West. It’s early days but the discussions and work to date have already shown the potential to grow our social impact in the region. I’m looking forward to shaping this going forward and seeing what we can achieve!”

Joe Kane-Smith, Manager

Our South West office is already working with local clients, and we hope this is just the start of an exciting set of connections and activity across the whole region. Joe and Claire, our Joint Chief Executive, sharing some thoughts below about the future and opportunities ahead.

“At PPL, we are passionate about growing our impact. This year, we have talked about extending our reach and opening up connections in new areas of the UK. We see the South West office as the start of us building a more dispersed national presence and we are all excited by the opportunity to work with partners to tackle both the shared and unique challenges across the UK.”

Claire Kennedy, Joint Chief Executive

Get in touch with Joe to discuss our work in the South West and find out more.