Titilayomi Adesanya

Titilayomi Adesanya


Titi joined PPL as an Analyst after completing her Masters degree in Public Health at Imperial College London. She brings experience in quantitative and qualitative research and analytics.

Prior to joining PPL, Titi interned at PwC Nigeria, where she worked within a strategy team and contributed to writing a proposal for a client in the energy sector wishing to expand. In this role, she was able to apply strategic thinking skills to determine which angle to approach the project.

During her Masters, Titi worked on a project assessing the relationship between the structural and social determinants of disease and Tuberculosis in Colombia. This project involved the collation of census, health and housing data, which she later used to build regression models to assess the relationship between socio-economic deprivation indicators and Tuberculosis. Titi also holds a BSc in Biomedical Science from Imperial College London. During her undergraduate degree she completed a policy analysis to determine whether agriculture policies in Nigeria promote food security. This involved working with and interviewing key stakeholders in Nigeria’s Ministry of Health, Ministry of Rural Development and Agriculture and research institutions.

Alongside her academics and internships, Titi enjoyed participating in community work and frequently volunteered at Belmont Specialist School for children with physical and learning disabilities, at an Appletree Court Care Home for the elderly with dementia and at St. Mary’s Hospital’s geriatric wards.

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