We’re delighted to announce that PPL is partnering with Bristol based charity, Housing Matters, to stop needless evictions by providing court advice to those facing homelessness as part of the Bristol Court Advice Network (CAN) project.

With nearly 10,500 people recorded as homeless in the South West in 2022, the Bristol CAN project pilot kicked off last year in response to the housing crisis and huge number of evictions caused by rent arrears as well as a lack of accessible support for tenants in the Bristol area.

Since its inception, Bristol CAN, a collaborative project with St. Paul’s Advice Centre (SPAC), Bristol City Council’s Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service (WRAMAS), Bristol Law Centre and Shelter Bristol, has seen incredible outcomes for tenants facing evictions, with many suspended or overturned completely.

To help maintain this support and ensure the continuation of Bristol CAN, PPL is supporting the project with pro bono work to track the project’s impact as well as a financial contribution of £10,000 from the PPL Impact Fund.


Alice Tibbert, Director of Housing Matter, explains: “Bristol is the second most expensive city in the UK to rent in, we are seeing an increasing number of evictions, and with there being little available in both the private rented sector and social housing stock, it’s driving many people to rough sleeping and homelessness.

“From speaking with the court duty solicitors we know that a lot of court decisions about evictions are made in favour of landlords, simply because tenants don’t have access to the right support.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen that the Bristol CAN makes a huge difference by providing money and debt advice at court, helping those facing evictions understand their rights and help them to keep their homes.

That’s why we’re delighted to have PPL on board with us, their support means that we’re able to continue Bristol CAN.”


Joe Kane-Smith, Head of PPL’s South West office, says: “Combatting homelessness is an issue that we at PPL are actively trying to tackle, working together with our brilliant partners.

“Prevention is key, and the Bristol CAN network has shown what a difference it can make to provide timely support for those who need it most urgently.

“We’re incredibly proud to be able to support the Bristol CAN network and ensure the continuation of in-court support for those facing evictions with our Social Impact Fund.

“The Impact Fund is an essential part of our work at PPL. As a social enterprise, we don’t just deliver impact through client work but also through volunteering and donations, by identifying key projects and supporting organisations that help solve some of the UK’s biggest social challenges – something that Bristol CAN is playing a key role in.”


Jacob Cain, Link Worker for Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service and court advisor, says: “The Bristol CAN project is having a huge impact.

“Clients facing evictions try to do as much as they can – and as a result, often promise unrealistic figures. This results in them being back in court again, after failing to stick to these terms, reducing their chances of keeping their home.

We help by establishing affordable repayments and identifying benefits they are missing, and then signposting to the right support.”


The Bristol CAN network emerged at one of the Housing Roundtables, a regular gathering chaired by HousingMatters, in collaboration with Shelter, Bristol Law CentreCitizens Advice Bristol, St Mungo’s Bristol City Council’s Welfare Right and Money Advice Service and key Housing team leaders

The Housing Roundtable enables both decision makers and frontline workers to come together and reflect on housing issues, with a focus on prevention and access to justice, the group aims to launch preventative pilots, like Bristol CAN, to make meaningful action towards the end of homelessness in Bristol. Now also supported by PPL, the Roundtable will continue to build collaborative working practices with key partners.