We are proud to launch our latest PPL Impact Report to share the story of our 2021 to 2022. Our impact report highlights how we help to power positive lasting change by tackling unequal health and care outcomes across the UK and by unlocking the power of people as colleagues, volunteers and communities. Publishing the report is part of our commitment to transparency as a social enterprise and an opportunity for us to celebrate our clients and partners in change.

As an organisation we have grown up and grown out over the last year, including purchasing our new home on Mill Street and welcoming twelve new team members since January 2022. We continue to be an unusual team, working in an unusual way and succeeding by any of the measures we apply. And our commitment to delivering better outcomes in partnership continues to grow.

Check out our latest Impact Report below to see the impact we have had over 2021 to 2022 and learn more about our ambitions to do even more next year:

Download report