Professor Paul Corrigan CBE

Chair, Advisory Group

Paul Corrigan gained his first degree in social policy from the LSE in 1969, his PhD at Durham in 1974 and has been appointed visiting professor of public policy at the University of North London since 1995.

For the first 12 years of his working life he taught at Warwick University and the Polytechnic of North London

In 1985 he left academic life and for the next 12 years he worked in local government – mainly in London but also as a member of staff in the local government unit of the Labour party.

In 1997 he started to work for himself as a local government consultant working on issues of modernisation and in 1999 worked for the Office for Public Management. From 2001 he worked for the Labour government as Special Advisor on Health, leading the development of Foundation Trust Hospitals and pioneering the ‘choice’ agenda.

Paul is currently engaged across the NHS playing a leading role in a number of reform and transformation programmes. He is also one of the UK’s leading opinion formers on healthcare and regularly contributes to the national debate in this space.