Individual and team behaviours affect everything inside the workplace; from how employees fit in with organisational culture, to individual and team engagement and overall motivation levels.

For your organisation or team to effectively deliver outcomes and impact, you need to be able to foster a culture that is open to change and willing to work at it. This can sometimes mean moving away from potentially debilitating and static perspectives of self-image, using behaviour change techniques to encourage people to believe they are capable of growth and development. However, individual and team behaviour change is much easier said than done. Behaviour change requires the creation of new neural pathways in the brain. We therefore need to use proactive techniques to strengthen them until the behaviour becomes second nature!

The health and care system continues to be a challenging place to work. The pandemic, winter pressures, and issues with workforce recruitment and retention are just a few reasons that have led to low health and care staff morale. With that in mind, it is vital that organisations are capable of change to unlock the potential of individuals and teams. Behaviour-change initiatives will keep everyone working towards the same goals through a common framework. They enable your organisation, and the individuals and teams within it, to work together more effectively.

So how can you support change in individuals and teams to meet your strategic objectives? Individual and team coaching underpinned by a Quality Improvement (QI) approach together with Organisational Development (OD) is a powerful support package to help people realise their potential.

As part of PPL Catalyst, we have developed the PPL Coaching Offer, combining impactful coaching techniques, with QI and OD approaches, to produce a package of support that targets the needs of the system delivered by our team of highly-experienced change professionals. The workplace is a dynamic and at times volatile environment. Coaching, QI, and OD enable people to feel empowered and, in turn, to empower others. It is a facilitative approach to develop people; tapping into the strengths and knowledge already within them that they may not be aware of. The complementary combination of coaching underpinned by QI and OD is a powerfully impactful mechanism to lead individuals and teams to a better professional space.

We understand that individual agency, combined with a strong understanding of ‘self’ in the workplace, is key to improved performance and increased wellbeing and happiness at work. We also recognise that a team is a collection of individuals, each on their own personal journey. In order to maximise the power of ‘team’, while recognising and empowering the individuality of its members, it is important to support both the team and the individuals who make up the team.

Individual and team coaching will increase resilience, overcome personal fears, help discover capabilities, develop a positive mindset, and channel new behaviours in line with organisational values. This approach to change will explore options, opportunities, and obstacles, as well as finding clarity/clear direction in the workplace.

If you would like to know more about the PPL Coaching Offer, please do not hesitate to contact Iyoni Ranasinghe.