Our approach

We have supported the development of care services for Surrey Downs since the beginning, expanding both the clinical services the partnership provides, and the geographical range of those services.

This has included:

  • Business change implementation: implementing new pathways and ways of working through an outcome focussed approach to programme management, evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Business change management: supporting the development of business cases; co-design of a new, evidence based and patient-centred model of care; development of new governance structures, organisational design and workforce models; and supporting the implementation of the new models.

We worked with Surrey Downs to develop a strategic plan to ensure the new national models would build on and complement the existing successes of the local partnership. By combining our knowledge of the local system and of broader models of care through horizon scanning, research, and insight from hands-on support to other systems, we were able to develop a ‘Place’ programme and plan for improving health and care outcomes that utilised the local partnership as a key asset.

We have subsequently worked with Surrey Downs as an Organisational Development partner. This has involved staff from board level to the frontline. The initial stages supported the newly formed board, focussing on how to enable trust and decision making in a complex environment.

Following this, we developed the wider OD programme including the People Plan. This was delivered through structured workshops focusing on vision and values, and embedding a ‘one team’ approach. The workshops brought together almost 250 staff and leaders across multiple sites, building the changes needed for everyone to feel part of one team.

After the COVID-19 outbreak started we quickly adapted our work with Surrey Downs away from business planning and towards the pandemic response – taking a proactive and responsive approach to our clients’ needs in difficult times. A large part of this support was to help mobilise the NHS Seacole Centre at Headley Court, a community bedded rehabilitation and step-down facility created from a decommissioned military rehabilitation centre.

Most recently, we have been working with Surrey Downs Health and Care and local PCNs to develop a single-system plan for implementing the Fuller Stocktake, a national plan for supporting future high quality, integrated and sustainable primary care services.

This plan builds on the strength of existing joint working to deliver ‘quick wins’, while also identifying a sustainable approach to improvement and delivery into the long term.

Our impact

All elements above centre around the importance we put on partnership working, both in building joint delivery teams, and in working flexibly to achieve wider outcomes. Our work has developed specific models tailored to local needs whilst building on best practice from our experience elsewhere. Combined with our ability to respond and mobilise quickly to new requests during and following the pandemic, and in depth specialist health and social care knowledge, we have now successfully delivered together for over seven years.