The challenge

We were commissioned by Royal Free London Healthy Living Hub (in conjunction with the London Boroughs of Barnet, Camden and Enfield), the London Borough of Haringey and the London Borough of Enfield to organise and run multiple workshops and focus groups with North Central London (NCL) communities, to gain information that was used to develop comprehensive map of local systems and insights from key communities within NCL. ​

The mapping exercise was utilised to develop draft action plans for the NHS, NCL  and each of the five NCL boroughs to support local action to bring about sustainable, equitable and long-term system change and reduce obesity rates​.

Lasting change to reduce rates of obesity requires a whole systems approach. Through this approach we must acknowledge:

  • The complexity of obesity​​
  • The multi-factorial nature of obesity drivers​​
  • The need to implement consistent solutions that utilise collaboration across system partners and co-ordinate action across a range of disciplines and functional areas​​
  • The need for Communities to be equal partners in co-developing the change we want to see  
Our approach 

Our approach included three key phases: Mapping the local environment, engagement with professionals and communities and finally the generation of NCL-wide and borough specific action plans.​

We worked with each borough and NHS partners to deliver several varied engagement sessions for professionals and diverse communities across NCL. These engagements included:

  • A podcasting sessions with teenagers at a youth hub​
  • A workshop with parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities​
  • Engagements with public health teams and wider local authority teams ​
  • A focus group with older residents​
Our impact

During the project, we engaged with over 100 people to generate Obesity action plans for all five boroughs of NCL, NHS Trusts and a shared plan for NCL as a whole.These action plans were prioritised according to urgency, and whether the action was a long- or short-term change. We agreed an owner for each step in the plan to ensure ownership.We grouped the plan steps under five key themes which emerged across all engagements and mapping across NCL.