PPL blog: What do we look for when recruiting?

PPL blog: What do we look for when recruiting?
posted 16 April 2014 in category MCA Recruitment PPL Blog Co-production

Yearn to be a contestant on The Apprentice? Idolise controversial Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison? Or do you gain high levels of satisfaction from helping people and want to use your abilities to improve the lives of others? If the latter, then you might be exactly the sort of person PPL wants on our team.

PPL is a public sector management consultancy. Our team members are drawn from a variety of diverse backgrounds; between us we combine experience in management consultancy as well as in other professions, including social work, medicine, law, accountancy, engineering, PR and other public sectors. We embrace the different backgrounds and personalities of our team, though we are united by the same values, which are in turn aligned with those of our public sector clients.

So what are these values? We are committed to helping improve the health and well-being of our fellow citizens. Our dedication to our clients and desire to be part of the solutions to public sector problems arise from our wish to work for the common good.

Alongside rigorous professional and academic qualifications, we view the attributes referred to – perhaps unjustly – as ‘soft’ skills as being the most important ‘PPL-er’ characteristics and attributes. The public sector is constantly undergoing transformation, so we’re looking for colleagues who are adaptive, flexible and willing to listen and learn. Individuals who can empathise with our clients, who take the time to understand them and support them in achieving their results, are ideal. If you combine the creativity to think of different methods for solving unique problems with the ability to know when to lead and when to step back, PPL may well be a great fit.

We look for people who can make change happen for our clients and assist with the delivery of innovative programmes. Future workmates need to be receptive, be able to communicate ideas effectively, and take an analytical approach to both numbers and concepts.

Winners of the UK Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Innovation Award 2013, we combine a caring ethos with an intelligent, modern and co-production approach to transformation.

If you’re seeking greater job satisfaction and the chance to make a real, sustainable difference to people’s lives, contact me at joe.nguyen@pplconsulting.co.uk for additional information.