The NHS Long Term Plan: One month on…

The NHS Long Term Plan: One month on…
posted 07 February 2019 in category Upskilling Volunteering Funding NHS Long Term Plan

One month on from the launch of the Long Term Plan for the NHS, much has been written about what it says – and what it doesn’t.

Whilst there are some excellent summaries of the content, perhaps as interesting are the responses of those upon whom the success of the Plan will rely.

We’ve been following the debate with interest, because this matters to all of us. The Plan is real, a huge amount of resources are being mobilised and re-organised around it, but at the end of the day can it deliver long promised improvements in how our health and care services work, and the outcomes that matter for individuals and communities across our country?

The ambitions are big and complex, will rely on people working together as never before, and will need that to happen soon.

The following is not designed to be a comprehensive survey of opinion, but picks up some of the key messages from individuals and groups that matter – including local government, the voluntary and community sector, and within the health sector itself.

If it’s too early to say whether the Plan will be successful, there are already a number of clear messages coming back about what is good about the Plan and where it is at huge risk of failing – and we all ignore those messages at our peril.

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