Celebration of ChMCA Award

posted 06 March 2020 in category MCA Awards PPL News How We Learn

PPL is extremely proud to announce that we are now accredited against the Chartered Management Consultant Award competency framework. We are one of the first consultancies to be part of this initiative and are delighted to be accredited in the first year of the framework, as well as to be supporting this new standards’ initiative in our profession.  

But what does this really mean? It means that The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) have accredited the activities occurring at PPL to count towards gaining Chartered Management Consultant status.  

The Chartered Management Consultant Award is the highest status that can be achieved by a professional management consultant. The Award was developed for the purpose of setting and maintaining the highest standards in the profession and forms a trusted quality assurance for clients.   

One of the pillars of how PPL develops its staff in line with the required standards is our internal learning programme How We Learn. It encompasses feedback, external training, and a ten-module programme completed by all our consultants in full in their first year.  We recognise that lasting results for our clients are not possible without ensuring that our people have the right support, skills, knowledge and motivation to succeed. We created How We Learn to ensure that every member of the PPL team can maximise their potential and, by doing so, achieve outstanding results for themselves and the public services and communities they support. 

Simon Morioka, our co-Founder and Managing Partner, is among the first cohort of management consultants to achieve chartered status and progress through the accreditation process. In speaking about what he gained from the experience, he says: 

“At PPL we have always believed that the competencies and experience of management consultancy should be applied to driving social impact. This means that as a social enterprise, consulting excellence is even more important to us. Chartered Status has supported me personally, and us as a team, to reflect on what underpins high-quality consulting delivery and ensure that, in turn, this is reflected and recognised in our individual development and plans, at all levels of our team.”